Join the Last Hope Gaming discord channel and feel free to chat with us, or just stop by and say hi.

Follow this link to join:

The Rules are as follows:

1. Family friendly, meaning try to not use curse words, a couple here and there I will let slide but if you are told to stop then stop.

2. No spamming, yes we have a level bot, if you are caught spamming or just straight typing gibberish, you will be warned, if continued, you’re out of here.

3. Don’t pick fights with other members, if someone picks a fight with you, just ignore them. If they continue then they will get the ban hammer. If someone picks a fight with you and you fight back with them in any public area of the server, both of you will get the ban hammer. What you do in direct messages is your own business. Name calling could be considered trying to pick a fight, it is also against the “family friendly” rule.

4. Keep the chat in the correct channel – for example, don’t hold long conversations in the future-ideas channel if you are not talking about future ideas. – warnings will be given at first but if it keeps up, you could be banned. Use Common Sense.

5. NSFW content will NOT be tolerated, this goes with the “Family Friendly” rule but I just want to make it totally clear.

6. Rules are subject to change and punishment is subject to whoever is carrying it out. (ban vs warning). Rules are also subject to interpretation of the mod or admin that is enforcing them.